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June 23rd @ 7 PM
June 24th @ 4 PM
There have been a number of Bigfoot sightings right here in our very own Fort Worth Texas. Bigfoot Country? Sightings along the Trinity River, in Marine Creek park and several in the Panther Hills Nature Center, where an assortment of characters have gathered to catch a sighting, a selfie with Bigfoot, or maybe even to try to capture the sweet creature itself. Small town sheriffs, hometown scientists, movie makers, runaway orphans, sassy diner waitresses, federal agents, assassins from outer space and a Bigfoot kid named Whistler collide in the Fort Worth woods on the night of the big quake!
Presented in a long-lost drive-inn B-Movie 3D style on stage, with handmade puppets, flying saucers, and awe-inspiring dance numbers. Don't miss the sleeper hit of the summer!


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